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 I was born & raised in New York City with my entire familial  heritage rooted in New Orleans, Louisiana. I grew up with a heavy jazz influence (primarily bebop) and my parents instilled in me the mannerisms of a southern belle. With that mix, I believe I was absolutely destined to be unconventional. During my adolescent years, I realized my personality and style preferences were more unorthodox than my peers, as I visually represented different aspects of my personality through fashion, no matter how offbeat it may have been perceived. After graduating from college, I moved to Japan & had the opportunity to immerse myself into a culture with a different outlook on self-expression.  All of my experiences serve as inspiration for everything I do and the styles I am attracted to; ranging from Japanese street culture to the joviality of Mardi Gras. It catalyzes my love of alternative fashion and finding the glamour within it is my calling.

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