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Social Media Angst

Today, I have to start thinking about posting on social media. I'm not excited about it. I haven't really been on social media since 2014. That's the year my father passed away, and I just didn't care to share anything on social media ever since. I guess that was my way of grieving. I got off of it, gave my mother all of my attention, and it's been that way for years.

Now I have to figure out how to make social media work for me. It's not necessarily difficult, I just have to think about my consistency. I think this blog is going to help me with that because I'm actually enjoying myself typing out my thoughts 😊 I really am! This is nostalgic for me. But like I said, if I can keep this up, then I can post on les mèdia sociaux.

I think I will make my first post today... on both of the platforms I distinctly said I would be on. I tried to make a Facebook page too, but they blocked my account deeming it fake or something... I had to upload a picture of myself to show that I was who I say I am... I just said FORGET FACEBOOK lol. I'm starting from scratch on social media and you want to give me a hard time about creating a page for my lil' business?! That's a no-no (in my Mariah Carey voice)

Let me go do this thing...

Btw, I don't know who's reading my blog, but whoever you are, thank you for reading! Getting a glimpse of my personality & such... I'm trying to do mah thang...

Alright lol

Stay Glam!

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